Lead Studio

Why Us

We understand there is a stigma towards martial arts and that is what makes Leads Studio different than other clubs. We do not care about egos or strength of a punch in the dojo. We bring adrenaline, endorphins, martial arts and fun. That is our recipe to having to helping all our students becoming fitter, building stamina, improving confidence, and achieving excellent muscle tone.

You will be training in a safe and professional environment with champion Martial Artists in state of the art training centre. We want our students to be the best they can be. Leads Studio has a fantastic energy, positive vibe and a great atmosphere. We focus on fitness and technique, although we do offer learn to spar classes, we do not promote fighting at Leads Studio.

Our Team

We’re a team of highly experienced Martial Artists in Dubai who specialize in training both adults and children in Martial Arts. Our instructors have decades of experience as qualified Martial Arts Instructors.

Signature Workout

Lead Studio is our signature workout, a meditative, sweat-dripping, group workout that combines boxing techniques on the heavy bag.


Lead Studio provides an unconventional gym experience with our boxing ring, the bold colors, and the punching bags that provide our members.

Kids Training

Since everyone has their own heavy bag to workout on and goes at their own pace, our classes are geared for all fitness levels.

Training Together

Want your kids to have a healthy lifestyle? Spend time with family? Fight for their dreams? Then be their workout partner. At Fight & Fit.


Our instructors are committed to providing an impactful experience for our clients. Their individual teaching approach sets our gym on unparalleled in the industry.

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