Lead Fighters

Our Fighters here at Lead are made, Athletes from different backgrounds have come together to form a solid team with going towards one goal, and that is to WIN. Winning in tournaments and winning in life is what we plant on our fighters mindset for them to become more resilient in life. Lead Academy is just starting to penetrate combat sports and we’ve already done so much that we can imagine and there’s no plan for stopping.

Lead Academy

Lead Academy is renowned for its comprehensive approach to developing fighters in various disciplines. From martial arts to combat sports, Our success in creating fighters stems from its comprehensive approach that encompasses physical training, mental and emotional development, nutrition and recovery, competition exposure, and ethical values

Lead Fighters RECORD

NoNameLead RecordAmateur Record
1Adam Loeb0-01-1
2Marcos augusto Loche0-10-1
3Awras Leon Alyassas3-00-1
4Kai Varga2-10-0
5Keanu Varga0-11-1
6Abdalrhman Emad5-02-1
7Alaa Batah2-20-1
8Ahmed Al-Sakkaf0-10-0
9Adam Naem0-10-0
10Kai Vauga2-10-0
11Zaid Ismail3-20-1
12Saif Hares1-00-0
13Abdulhakim Hakmi0-10-0
14Khalaf Al Madani3-00-0
15Ashton Uren0-10-0
16Shahin Ghaedi1-00-0
17Yuhann John0-10-0
19Khaled Asad0-10-0
20Abdel rahman Abdullah0-20-0
21Taizoon Rasani1-00-0
22Hussein Al Abed1-00-0
23Teymir Talibov1-30-0
24Ali Fathi0-10-0
25Mahra Alm0-10-0
26Shereen Al rahma2-00-0
27Reda Bahsh0-10-0
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