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Those choosing to participate in one of our classes can benefit from weight loss, muscle toning, and strength building as part of a motivating and energizing workout. You could also see your stress levels reducing, improved coordination, and even better flexibility as you learn to control your own body and mind.Our classes are taught by experts of Kickboxing. Our bespoke teachings will leave you feeling fitter and stronger, whilst building your confidence to help you tackle everyday life. Our aim is to educate you in the art of Kickboxing and guide you to reach a level you are comfortable with.

Kickboxing is a fast, dynamic and effective martial art that’s famed for its strong vertical standing techniques, kickboxing merges traditional boxing techniques with leg striking. There are many benefits to joining kickboxing self-defense classes – one of the reasons why martial art has transcended combative training and is today praised for being one of the best fitness regimes that anyone can undertake.

Let kickboxing be part of your fitness journey
You can start your kickboxing and fitness journey here and now at Lead Studio

Classes are open to all levels, experiences, and ages. Whether you’re a beginner or a black belt, you will be welcomed into the Lead Studio Community.

Our courses are separated into both child and adult categories and are arranged according to skill and experience levels.

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